As the leading slipform specialist in the UK, Bierrum has completed numerous chimneys, towers and concrete storage silos utilising the slipform method of placing concrete.

The design team have considerable experience in the specific techniques involved in the reinforcement detailing, concrete mix control, cast-in load connection plates, how a change of profile can be achieved etc. With this in –house capability, Bierrum offers clients advice on the buildability of their structures and on the modifications that may have to be made to allow the slipform system to be used.

On the construction side Bierrum site teams are experienced in the many organisational and planning requirements that are necessary to make slipform a success. They have a wide experience of working on all types of sites throughout the UK and also in many overseas locations. On our overseas projects Bierrum usually joins with a local civil contractor and supply the scheme design, the specialist construction equipment and the site supervision for the slipform work.

The majority of Bierrum's slipform projects are for tall industrial chimneys, bulk storage silos and specialist towers, but Bierrum did recently introduce the slipform technique into the construction of service cores to tall buildings in the Canary Wharf area of London and the system has proved popular in that market.
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