Repair and Maintenance
Bierrum carries out site surveys and condition reports on existing concrete structures and when requested, prepares priced engineering schemes for the repair of the defects.

Repair schemes to concrete structures, (chimney windshields, cooling towers, and silos) can include crack injection, patch repair work, sprayed concrete or the addition of new in-situ concrete to strengthen the structures (cladding).

Many chimneys and cooling towers have outlived their design life-span and are in need of major maintenance or repair. Bierrum offers a complete refurbishment proposal in these cases in which the existing weakened concrete is augmented by an additional layer of structural concrete, resulting in a further 25 years of useful life for the structure. The Bierrum access system is key to the application of this additional concrete. Foundation checks have to be made prior to this type of operation and where chimneys are involved, flue modification work is often also linked.

However, the refurbishment of old chimneys can be achieved for less than half the cost of building a new one and the refurbishment work can usually be done whilst the chimney is still working on line.
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