In the mid 1920's a group of talented engineers arrived in the United Kingdom from Denmark bringing to the UK a wealth of experience in reinforced concrete. Included were such names as Arup, Keir, Christiani and Neilson. Among them was Hans Bierrum who founded the company, which bears his name. 80 years later it still has strong contacts with the family and is dedicated to the design and construction of chimneys, cooling towers, silos and other tall concrete structures.

Within this market area, Bierrum has achieved an international reputation for innovation and quality, concentrating on the design and construction of technically complex structures. Difficult access and height problems are solved by the extensive use of both slipforming and hydraulic climbing access systems developed and patented by Bierrum.

Bierrum's first cooling tower was built in 1930 and since then they have been involved in the design and construction of the majority of chimneys and cooling towers built in the UK. In addition Bierrum have maintained a wide range of design and construction activities overseas.

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