Climbing Access
The "Bierrum Access system" was developed over a period of some twenty years between 1960-70, in the UK, initially for the construction of hyperbolic concrete cooling towers. The system is a hydraulically powered, self-climbing access that can be used on most structures including chimneys, cooling towers and storage silos.

Its advantages include:-

Flexibility – the system can be used as the access for concreting operations for new or remedial cladding work, for general inspection works and repair and maintenance operations.

Economical –units climb under their own power, eliminating the need for expensive cranage.

Independent – operates in self-contained sections allowing repair and construction in various areas to proceed at different speeds.

Adaptable –can work on any shape of structure, tapered, parallel, sloping, circular, or overhanging, whilst maintaining a level working platform.

Safe – the system has no loose components thus removing the risk of falling objects, Ample working platforms provide an uncluttered working environment for specialist operatives.

Proven – over 500 schemes have benefited from this system in the UK, Turkey, Australia, India, and Europe.

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