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The Bierrum name has been synonymous with chimneys for over fifty years. Today, the company continues to employ highly experienced engineering staff and site supervisors to design and construct chimneys of all types both in the UK and overseas.

Bierrum designs and constructs a broad range of chimneys, from 230 metre high multi-flues in Australia to 80 metre high single steel flues in Wales. Bierrum undertakes all design activities, including concrete windshields, foundations and all necessary temporary works to install the flues, internal floors and auxiliary chimney accesses.

The specialist techniques that Bierrum utilises in the construction of chimneys are listed below and by opening a specific heading you can be linked to our specialist comments on each subject.
Bierrum would be pleased to receive enquiries for any industrial chimney work that you may require and we look forward to finding the most effective and economical solution to your problem with you.

Please visit our image gallery to see recent chimney contracts completed by Bierrum.
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